This is a short-sleeved shirt made of seersucker material with a gathered neck.
The moderate gathers that spread from the neckline to the bust create a soft look around the face.
Darts on the back give it a natural fit and a neat look from behind.
Seersucker is called "shijira weave" in Japan.
This fabric has a rough texture created by combining warp threads with different shrinkage rates.
The uneven surface of the fabric reduces the area where the fabric comes into direct contact with the skin and improves breathability.
It is made of 100% cotton, so it is highly absorbent and has high moisture release properties (wicks away moisture).
It rarely feels sticky when you wear it.
Stay comfortable during the summer season with a seersucker shirt.
This product is machine washable.

100% cotton / 3 sizes / 3 colors / ¥18,700 (tax included)
Kyoto store/Online SHOP/On sale now

Seersucker has a textured surface that makes it comfortable to wear and look at.
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