A short-sleeved shirt in a refreshing blue color.
Tile shirts were created by Morikage, a designer who loves architecture and interior design.
The idea was inspired by the simple composition of tiles, grout and the length and width of the walls.
It's a cool design that reminds you of the cool texture of tiles.
In hot, sweaty seasons, we often unbutton the top button or wear it as a jacket,
The button-down collar keeps the collar from losing its shape and helps maintain a neat look.
The fabric is a gingham check cotton poplin made with fine yarn.
It features a silk-like luster and a soft feel.
This product is machine washable.

100% cotton (main body and separate fabric) / 3 sizes / 2 types / ¥20,900 (tax included)
Kyoto store/On sale now; Online shop/Scheduled to be on sale in mid-July

This is an adaptation of a shirt called Tile that was made for somemore , made into a short-sleeved version.
It features horizontal switching and a square pocket with a pen pocket.

The design is similar to a bowling shirt with vertical panels, adapted from Tile.
It combines gingham about 3mm square and mini gingham.

Shirts made from fabric woven with warp and weft threads go very well with vertical and horizontal designs.