WHOLESALE -About transactions-

Thank you for considering our products.
Please read the information below and then contact us by email.
We will discuss the details with you.
Contact: morikage2@mrkgs.com

・People who can empathize with Morikage Shirt's manufacturing philosophy and will treat our products with care.
We would also like to ask someone to sell our products who can carefully introduce them to customers.

・This offer is limited to retailers with physical stores.

*For retailers who sell mainly on EC malls (Amazon, Yahoo, Rakuten, etc.),
Please note that this is not possible to trade.

*Please contact us if you are an overseas store.

*Depending on stock availability, there is a limit to the number of items you can purchase.

About the product
We can handle items that are in stock at the time of your inquiry.

*We may not have the product or size you want.

*Excluding Ittekoi (secondhand clothes) and some other products. Please check when making an inquiry.

About the suggested retail price
In order to maintain the brand value and protect the quality, we ask that you sell the product at our suggested retail price.
Return and Exchange Policy

If the delivered product is different from what you ordered, we will exchange it.

- We take every precaution to check the quality, but if there is any defect, dirt, or damage, we will replace the product.

- We do not accept returns or refunds for reasons of customer convenience.

Returns will be limited to unopened and unworn items.

・Please contact us within one week of the delivery date. We will not accept returns outside of this period.

・Please note that we cannot accept returns if you do not contact us in advance or if the item is returned cash on delivery.

Shipping and handling charges

Once you place your order, we will contact you regarding delivery time.

The following shipping fees will be charged per order.

・Domestic shipping (excluding Hokkaido, Okinawa, and remote islands) is 880 yen

・Hokkaido: 1,320 yen

・Okinawa and remote islands: Actual cost

* Generally, shipments will be made by Yamato Transport, but depending on the number of items shipped and delivery circumstances,
The shipping carrier may be subject to change.

*If an order has two or more delivery addresses, the above shipping fee will be charged for each address.

*If partial deliveries are required due to our circumstances, we will not charge you for the later payments.

*You cannot specify the shipping method.

*We may not be able to accommodate requests for specific delivery dates and times.

We will ship the product after confirming your payment.

*Please bear the bank transfer fee.

please note
Please read this before making a transaction.

All orders are conducted via email to prevent mistakes in ordering.
Please make sure to set up your email to receive emails from <morikage2@mrkgs.com> in advance.

・For new stores, transactions will only begin after we receive a new transaction application form.

・The terms of trade may be updated. In that case, we will notify you in advance.

・The colors and materials of the products we handle may change slightly due to differences in yarn and fabric lots, etc.

・We strictly prohibit the unauthorized reproduction and sale of images from our website.

- The colors and textures of the photos in the catalogs and on the web may differ from those of the actual products.

・The displayed size may differ slightly from the actual product.

・If you do not comply with the regulations or engage in any behavior that damages the brand image of the products we handle,
We may cancel the transaction.

・Please note that due to the nature of our procurement, we do not limit our sales area.