A shirt that functions as an everyday tool

Morikage Shirts designs shirts , which are the epitome of functional beauty, from the perspective of everyday tools .
As a tool to help you spend every day in a good mood ,
From a single order for someone to a product for anyone ,
We propose manufacturing that pursues the possibilities of shirts .

Those that do not change

Morikage shirts are made by Daisuke Morikage, who selects the fabric, thinks up the design, creates the pattern ,
Our starting point is the end-to-end production process: cutting, sewing, and selling .
Because one designer knows everything , he works closely with trusted factory workers to ensure the finest detail.
This allows us to create carefully crafted products that focus on the customer .
And to avoid wasting the fabric , we thought about what is necessary to make the garment last longer .
We put our heart and soul into each shirt's life.
This is the way we can continue doing things comfortably , and our thinking will not change in the future.

The future of Morikage shirts

Morikage Shirts makes more than just shirts. We collaborate with others to create things.
We hold events and do various fun things.
We believe that doing things that you want to do and that are fun will enrich the foundation for continuing to create things .
No matter how many decades pass, we will always think about the future and do fun things.
We will continue to create products with Morikage shirts, always incorporating new ideas and letting them go, so that they are always fresh.
At the same time, we would like to share Morikage Shirts' technology and experience with those in need.

1993 Daisuke Morikage opens a custom-made shop

1997: Started as "Morikage Shirts" and opened a directly managed store in Kyoto

2000: Website launched.
Mail order sales start

2003: Started the pop-up shop "Morikage Shirts Tokyo" (until 2014)

2004: Established and incorporated as Mrkgs Limited Company

2006: Kyoto main store moves to Kawaramachi Marutamachi

2006: "ebebe" dyeing project started (until 2024)

2011 "Morikage Shirts Kamakura Branch"
Opened (until 2016)

2016: Morikage Shirts Tokyo Reception opens (until 2024)

2022 Morikage Shirt 25th Anniversary

2023: "MORIKAGE SHIRT Reuse Project iTTEKOI" begins

Work other
café vivement dimanche/Bshop/D&DEPARTMENT/Tas Yard/
Keibunsha Ichijoji store / spokenwordsproject /
Hobonichi/Magazan Kyoto etc.
Uniform Design
Ippodo Tea Tokyo Marunouchi Store /
Romi-Unie Confiture Kamakura/kurkku cafe/
Drip&drop/Karankoron Kyoto etc.
Brand Direction
CRUM, a shop selling shirts and tote bags produced by Yukio Fujimaki
Ito-Yokado's original brand / aptp Co., Ltd.'s brand "somemore"
Costume production and provision
Animation "The Tatami Galaxy"
"The Night is Short, Love Maiden",
"The Mysterious Zorori (Poplar Publishing)"
Author: Yutaka Hara, Hulu, TV commercials, music videos, magazines, etc.