*As trade-ins are currently being prepared, we will inform you of the start date on Instagram or in our NEWS .

Morikage shirts started in 1997.
I thought about the huge number of shirts I have made and the gratitude I feel for the many people who have worn them.
There must be some shirts that are just sitting there, never being worn, because they were the wrong size. We wanted to give those shirts a second chance, so we started "iTTEKOI," which collects the shirts we made and delivers new ones.
Originally, we made our clothes with the idea that customers would repair them and continue to wear them after they bought them.

It's something I've always thought of as an extension of that.
Morikage Shirts is a brand that collects used clothing, remakes it, and resells it.
Additionally, we will continue to sell samples and B-grade products as we have done in the past.
"iTTEKOI" is derived from the name of the sewing method that goes back and forth.
It also means "going and coming back" and "plus minus zero."
Enjoy the goodness of the old just as much as you enjoy the new.
<About trade-ins> Please be sure to read this before trading in your item.
Only available at Kyoto store
Trade-ins will be accepted only at the Kyoto store.
・Guests under the age of 18 must have parental consent or be accompanied by a guardian.
- Please note that products cannot be returned after they have been traded in at the store.

・You may be asked to provide identification when issuing discounted tickets.
Up to three items can be traded in at one time
Please note that you may only bring in up to three items for trade-in at one time.
Once you bring it in, our staff will immediately assess it and take it as a trade-in.
Please note that you may have to wait depending on how busy the store is.
We only accept trade-ins for our own products (products made by Morikage Shirts)
○ Pick-up available
・Items that were sold years ago are fine as long as they are in good condition. ・Items with minor defects such as missing buttons, small stains, or tears can be repaired and still worn.

・Items that look like they can have parts replaced (collar, cowl, etc.) or can be worn if repaired ・Items purchased as samples or at a B-grade sale ・Items that have been repaired by Morikage Shirts ・Items ordered from Morikage Shirts ・Items made by Morikage Shirts as part of a collaboration
Please note that we may not be able to collect your item depending on its condition.
× No pick-up
- Items that have been repaired or re-dyed by yourself or someone else - Items whose fabric has deteriorated over time and is difficult to repair - Items that have mold or an odor that cannot be removed
If you have any questions, please consult us at the store first.
Trade-in prices vary depending on the condition of the item.
We will give you a discount ticket exclusively for Morikage shirts.
For the time being, this discount ticket can only be used in Morikage Shirts stores.

A: Very good condition... 3,000 yen discount ticket (new, only tried on, no deterioration)

B: Good condition... 2000 yen discount ticket (items that can be sold without repair, slight wear, minor scratches or stains)

C: Fairly good condition... 1,000 yen discount ticket (some minor repairs needed, scratches and dirt are slightly noticeable but still wearable)

D: Poor condition but repairable... 500 yen discount ticket (items that cannot be sold without repair, items with noticeable scratches or stains)

E: The condition is very poor and repair is not possible.
We will return it to you or collect it free of charge.
*A to E are just a guide. We will make a judgment after checking the actual product.
<How to use the discount ticket>
Please be sure to read this before using the discount ticket (hereinafter referred to as the "Ticket").

・Tickets can only be used at Morikage Shirts stores.
Not available online or at other stores.

・When purchasing products, you can use tickets up to 3,000 yen worth per item.
・Tickets are valid for up to six months from the date of trade-in.
・Cannot be used on sale items or used clothing.
・If you purchase something for less than the amount stated on the ticket, the difference will not be refunded.
・Some made-to-order products and some products cannot be used. Please check at the store.
・It cannot be reissued or exchanged for cash.
・Cannot be used in conjunction with other Morikage Shirts discounts.
Please contact us if you have any other questions.
Morikage Shirts Kyoto Main Store
Tel: 075-241-7746