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Dyed balloon pants


gray-dyed, light gray
Gray-dyed, dark gray
Persimmon tannin dyed brown

Design and Silhouette
Simple design that makes the most of the texture of the fabric.
Deep crotch and relaxed hip area with darts at the front hem.
The balloon silhouette is fluffy in the front and back and sharp on the sides,
The front and back are fluffy, while the sides are sharp, creating a well-balanced overall look.

Fabrics and Materials
100% linen canvas weave with a vintage feel, dyed with ash dye and persimmon tannin.
It is not transparent and has a moderate thickness and drape, making it comfortable and light against the skin.

Due to the characteristics of the dyeing process, there may be random dyeing shading, wrinkles, and creases (folds and horizontal lines).
Please note that there may be some random dyeing shading, wrinkles, and creases (folds and horizontal lines).

Please enjoy the change of texture as the taste of the fabric, as well as the color fade and bite by washing.
Please enjoy the change of texture by washing.

By letting the ankle peek out, the lightness comes out, and it goes well with sandals.
You can wear them throughout the year, so in summer wear them with short-sleeved shirts, and in fall and winter wear them with long-sleeved shirts.
We also recommend wearing them with gauze, linen, and other materials.
MORIKAGE SHIRT's seersucker short-sleeved neck gathered shirt (size W-S)Matching shirt.
Model: height 169cm / wearing size M

Product code and color:
HDA444-LG (gray-dyed, light gray)
HDA444-DG(Gray-dyed, dark gray)
HDA444-KKS(persimmon tannin dyed brown)

Material (main body): 100% linen
Waist: Fully elastic
Pockets: Left and right slant pockets, left and right rear patch pockets
Style:Balloon silhouette / One-ply tailoring

Machine washable in cold water (with mild detergent)
Can be dry-cleaned.
Caution against color fading and staining
Country of origin: Japan