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Gift kit


red tartan
Green Stripe
Blue Stripe
Red trim stitching
Regimental Stripes

Shirts, dresses, bottoms, and other items can be included in this gift kit for gift giving.
This is a gift kit for shirts, dresses, bottoms, and other items.
The kit includes a cloth bag made of shirt fabric, cloth ribbon, original message card, and a handbag for delivery,
The kit includes a shirt fabric cloth bag, a cloth ribbon, an original message card, and a handbag for delivery.
Just put the items in the bag and tie a ribbon.

※Please wrap the gift kit by yourself after receiving it.

※Online SHOP does not provide wrapping service for products.

The number of gift kits can be purchased in the same quantity as the number of products purchased.

Part number and color pattern:
WRA01-A (red tartan check)
WRA01-B (Green stripe)
WRA01-C (Blue stripe)
WRA01-D (Red Trimmed Stitch)
WRA01-E (regimental stripe)

Contents: Shirt fabric bag (34cm x 62cm) / Cloth ribbon
Original message card / Kraft or
White handbag for delivery / 1 each

Material: 100% cotton (shirt fabric bag)
Country of origin: Japan

※The items in the image, except for the gift kit, are reference products for
Please note that the items in the images other than the gift kit are reference items for the coordination cut. Please note that they are not included in the gift kit.